“This is Dr Qualie at your service”

Ainslie Williams | 09.2018

The Federal Government uses Qualie for research with GPs

If someone had said 2 years ago that Qualie’s first medical client would be the Federal Government, I may not have believed it.  However, the Department were so enthusiastic to use our qual/quant hybrid and bring the consensus voices of GPs right into the hallways of Canberra. 

It was a far more efficient way to involve GPs on a National scale in the creative process for a new campaign.  The flexibility of the Qualie platform meant we could adapt our approach to suit a time poor audience but still tap into their constructive ideas.

Maybe it’s the research nerd in me, but every time we break new ground with Qualie I get a buzz and being able to tap back into years of pharma and healthcare experience was a bonus on this one.

“Next patient please….”

(Photo by Jony Ariadi on Unsplash)

Ainslie Williams


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