You don't need to be guided by customers. You need to be guided by the right customers. Qualie's unique research platform showcases the consensus opinion of your market.

The Big Deal

We're uncovering customer truth with emotional power and statistical confidence by combining the magic of qual with the objectivity of quant. We showcase the market’s opinion, not market researchers. In their voices, not ours.

The Endgame

You're getting direct insight on your material from the audience’s chosen spokespeople, in a sharp video-based debrief showcasing the consensus opinion supported by key stats on critical measurements.

The Users

Our research platform is used by governments, multinationals, comms agencies and start ups across a variety of sectors and geographies. We provide on demand full service consulting projects as well as tailored DIY research templates at a range of price points and subscription types.

Rob Marjenberg

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

It's a beautiful thing to hear people's truths told well and to see the positive impact that can have on organisations. Qualie was born out of that simple idea... one I've believed in all my working life in market research and advertising - to present the truth with emotional power. Because even the largest organisations are made up of people trying to make sense of the world they find themselves in. And they need to understand who it is they're interacting with - customers, stakeholders, audience - not just as numbers, but as people like - or unlike - them. I find building a tech platform in the service of emotional truth to be fun, challenging and forever absorbing.

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Ainslie Williams

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Born curious. An insatiable appetite to know why. I've turned this into a commercial benefit for companies in Australia and the UK over the past 18 years. And now with Qualie I've turned the why back on myself, the industry. Why aren't we updating how qual is done? Why can't there be a better way?
.... because....
Great research has impact. It inspires people and organisations to create change. Providing a platform for the most powerful and representative voices to be heard benefits business and customers. And it all starts with respect and treating people as human not data points.

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Steve Ford

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

With a passion for technology, Qualie has challenged all that I believed possible with combining tech and human reactions.

When I first heard what Qualie was to do, my left-sided analytical mind thought it wouldn't be possible. However, when we sat down and analysed the processes that a researcher goes through, it became clear that there were algorithms that a researcher used, often sub-consciously, when running and analysing qualitative data.

Through a truly test-measure-learn approach, we've honed and improved those initial discoveries into concrete processes and algorithms, in order to introduce an absolutely groundbreaking qual-quant hybrid insight platform to the market research world.

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Adir Shiffman

Co-Founder & Chairman

I'm a serial tech startup founder, investor, and Executive Chairman of global athlete analytics leader Catapult Sports.

My specialties include internet/digital, innovation, SaaS, analytics, technology, sportstech, rapid growth startups, acquisitions, growth capital, strategic advice, overseas expansion (US, UK, EU), medical, healthcare.

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Chris Repton

Director - UK & Europe

I’ve built a career over 25 years in Research and Advertising and I’ve always loved Qual research.

A large part of that appeal is bound up in the challenge of exploring - of getting beneath the surface of what makes people and brands tick: going beyond the obvious, peering through the cracks in search of the ‘why?’, not just the ‘what?’ The little nuggets that all add up to make a big difference. The things that numbers alone can’t tell you.

That’s why Qualie is so exciting. It’s a bold, new and genuinely innovative tool, combining the texture of Qual and the rigour of Quant in one simple package that can work across different countries and languages. I’m really enjoying introducing this unique platform to clients in the UK and Europe.

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Hayden Adams

Solution Architect

I joined Qualie’s team on May 2017. Since then I've been busy designing, engineering and implementing the Qualie core system. I hold a Master's degree in Enterprise Architecture from Griffith University. In my spare time I enjoy flying remote control planes and playing soccer and table tennis with my kids, Wisam and Maya.

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Our Investors & Advisors

Just some of our backers. The who's who in SaaS, Mobile Tech & Corporate Transactions

Danny Gorog

Former director & co-founder Outware Mobile. Australia’s leading mobile software company Outware Mobile. Specialising in developing Apps that are intuitive, effective and engaging.

Natasha Mandie

Founder and Managing Director of EM Advisory. Expert in corporate advisory and technology transactions with a focus on building Australian organisations into global technology companies

Chris Ridd

CEO of myprospertiy and former CEO of Xero. Expert in rapidly scaling b2b SaaS platforms.

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