What is QUALIE?

We're here to re-imagine research. The insight and warmth of qual, with more rigour, more speed and more alive with real people..

That's us - Qualie.

Qual research that is more alive, immediate, rigorous

Qual is great. Qual is slow. Qual is a little susceptible to researcher bias (tbh). And qual is bloody expensive. We know that. We've been living it and loving it for a long time. So we've taken it apart piece by piece and put it back together again as Qualie, here online - using all the efficiencies that digital technology provides. And a fair bit of creative thinking! What we've got for you is this - a shot of qual. The essence distilled. With more rigour and certainty than you've had before. Insight you need. Nothing you don't. Fast. That's Qualie.



Market Validated

Short, sharp and insightful video of the consensus views, with consumers explaining their responses to your material in their own words - chosen and validated by the market itself - not market researchers.

Emotional Truths

Qualie uncovers the feelings and motivations driving attitudes and behaviour through the use of online qualitative projective techniques.

Clear Direction

Understand the overall story, the subtleties of feeling, which route to take and the tweaks and changes required to optimise it in a few directional slides.


Rob Marjenberg

Co-Founder Qualitative

I've been an innovator in the qualitative research arena as a founding partner of social trends research company Heartbeat and boutique qualitative agency Vivid.

I believe in telling consumers' stories in fresh and engaging ways that touch clients' hearts and minds and spark their imagination for expanding the possible. Most importantly I want to ensure insights live through an organisation to help drive positive change for client and customer alike.

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Ainslie Williams

Co-Founder Qualitative

I've been working in consumer behaviour for 17 years across Australia and the UK. In that time I've won Best Paper (ESOMAR Research Effectiveness) and Best Presentation awards (AMSRS) and been published in the Journal of Health Education Research.

I believe research is the gateway to improving how business, government and communities function and so I've always been inspired to create new methods that engage and create useful and meaningful change.

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Steve Ford

Co-Founder Technology

With over 20 years experience in Software Engineering from telecommunications, through finance, mining and now web, I have a wealth of knowledge of solid software engineering principles.

I single-handedly, founded and developed the web platform behind PricePal, Rewardshere and Folo and so have a thorough understanding of SaaS technology.

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Adir Shiffman

Co-Founder Corporate

I'm a serial tech startup founder, investor, and Executive Chairman of global athlete analytics leader Catapult Sports.

My specialties include internet/digital, innovation, SaaS, analytics, technology, sportstech, rapid growth startups, acquisitions, growth capital, strategic advice, overseas expansion (US, UK, EU), medical, healthcare.

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