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Qualie brings the richness of qual with the rigour of quant in one survey platform

Qual - Quant Fusion

Blends qual and quant techniques together in one survey

Compelling Consensus

Unique video-based methodology let's you hear from the most representative of your customers

Fully flexible

Use the software and choose the services you need

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What they're saying

As a result of the Qualie project, an internal initiative was re-prioritised within the business. Qualie is a great tool to humanise issues we need to make decisions on.


Mimi Turner - Senior User Experience Researcher

"The unique methodology really helps us understand the consumer better, deeper insight beyond the number. We can take an iterative approach in an agile manner, which is really valuable for us in a fast-changing market environment today. It provides them a clear competitive edge vs any of those ‘traditional’ research agencies"

Coca-Cola South Pacific

Brand Manager

“The methodology was quick to administer, the video output was engaging and our entire project team were able to eyeball real consumers and know the output was consumers’ own ideas. This gave us greater confidence to propose next steps in our recommendations.”


Liz Philips - Senior Manager - Innovation

"Qualie provided a number of valuable points to help the rollout of this work: 1, The ability to see real prospects and get real feedback was invaluable. 2, The methodology and scoring made it clear what was working and what wasn’t. 3, The reporting provided an easily understood format that anyone could pick up review and understand the benefits of the work. Overall, Qualie’s service provided agency and client alike the confidence that we are going in the right direction with the brand platform."


Dylan Taylor - Principal

"Qualie is a great way to painlessly get market validation and constructive feedback for a product that we felt would provide fantastic value to our audience, without spending a fortune getting traditional qualitative research done, and without investing heavily into building the product! We would use Qualie again, and recommend it to others!”


Jason Theofilos - Direct Marketing Manager

"I thought it was really good example of using a hybrid solution... I was particularly pleased with the qual addition, this gave a great additional build to dig below just a typical numbers-based approach."

Coca-Cola Oceania

Carl Edkins - Knowledge & Insights

"We found the results to be exactly what we were looking for and will help us take our business to the next level. This style of research allowed people to be in a natural environment compared with the traditional methods, providing a richness of insight"


Toly Christofakakis - Product Manager

“We gained insights to drive everything from our brand strategy through to our app’s UX development. By listening to our clients directly, our team is well on the way to building the product that our clients want and not the one we thought they wanted.”


Martin Batur – Co-founder

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